Often in this life, we find ourselves being sold on something. It’s the nature of almost any service. Salespeople understandably have agendas, and the accomplished ones will focus on telling you why they are the only person who can and should be trusted to do a job right.

The only problem with constantly selling a service is that it leaves very little room for listening. And when it comes to the life-changing process of buying or selling your home, a sympathetic ear will trump a catchy tagline every single time.

I should know — I spent 15 years in corporate sales, before leaving that industry to raise my family. And if there is one lesson I’ve culled from those two very different full time jobs, it’s this: emotions affect everything that we do.

So when I began what would become my dream job as a REALTOR®, I developed a personal pledge of performance that I could apply to each and every unique client experience. One that combined the focus and tenacity of my sales experience with the honesty and empathy that comes naturally to a parent. This policy became the foundation for every transaction I would close. It is what continues to motivate me each and every day, in a business that I truly love.

I have lived and worked in McHenry County my entire life. It has been more than a home to me over the years; it is a spirited community that I am proud to be a part of. I love to uncover new business — the relationships always come first. The partnerships and the referrals just seem to naturally follow, and I cherish each and every one.

I don’t measure success through achievements or awards, but through the satisfaction of my clients. Truly listening to them allows to be sympathetic to their needs. But truly caring about them and their families is what drives me, and allows me to navigate them down that emotional path toward the closing table.

I look forward to the opportunity to do the same for you.

“When it was time to put our house on the market, I interviewed a few people, but none of them connected with me the way Shelly did. The other people walked in and immediately began quoting numbers and process. Shelly spent our first meeting listening to me and hearing what was important to us, as a family. In that first meeting, she listened – that set her far apart from everyone else!”

“Shelly was hands-down the most professional, friendly, and knowledgeable REALTOR® I’ve had the pleasure of working with. I’d recommend her with confidence.”

“Throughout the entire process, Shelly was thoughtful, professional, and engaged. She recognized the way I prefer to communicate and she quickly adjusted to make me comfortable. Her recommendation on our listing price turned out to be perfect. Her estimate on timing was also right on target..”

“Shelly was great to work with. This was our first home purchase, so we lacked experience and she was knowledge-able and guided us through the process. Really kept in mind what we were looking for and helped us stay on target. We would highly recommend Shelly”

“Shelly was wonderful to work with. She was really knowledgeable about the entire process, from preparing to sell our existing home, all the way through to finding and moving into our new home. She helped to make everything seamless and had a slew of recommendations for everything we could possible need, from lenders through inspectors. She was vital in making such a stressful process run like clockwork. I would highly recommend her!”

“I highly recommend Shelly – she is personal, genuine and warm. She made our lives much more manageable, during a very stressful time.”

“We sold our house in 24 hours and above our listing price! It does not get any better than that and we owe it all to Shelly Voight! She went above and beyond throughout our entire selling and buying process. Her expertise, advice, knowledge and guidance were exactly what we needed. When the search began for a new house we had the pleasure of working with her assistant Diane Grannis. We were spoiled having two people looking for our dream home. It did not take long to find it and we are so happy in our new house. If you are selling or buying a home these are your gals. Thank you Shelly and Diane!”